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3D glasses free cinema technology in development

Viewers love 3D movies; myself included; but to do this we have to all wear those wonderful polarized 3D cinema glasses; though in my opinion those are much better than those for an active TV (I rarely use mine).

Researchers in south Korea have in development a technology that will be able to produce the 3D allusion in a cinema without viewers having to wear glasses at all.

An earlier similar technology using slats was tried and worked where you had a TV with several members of a family watching. But to work the people watching had to sit within a specific viewing area and this technology would not work in somewhere like a cinema.

This new technology mimics this slat-effect but using polarisers which as similar to those used in 3D cinema glasses lenses. The screen is also covered with a special coating.

There is still some way to go with this technology before we see in in our cinemas but some day; maybe soon; we will be possibly watching 3D movies glasses free.

Author: webconce

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