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This is probably one of the most worth while things I have seen for usage of pages on the internet. We’ve signed up for it (go try entering something invalid after web address like   wibble      .notfound

A new site initiative has been put out there by where people are urged to put some code on their normally useless 404 Not Found pages which put up a missing children message.

Anyone with a website can sign up and take part, you fill in your webpage and then it gives you a bit of code to paste into your not found page. Once added, anyone who goes to your not found page will get a missing person picture and details. These are random so each time you hit the 404 page a different missing person report is shown.

This European initiative so far has about 480 sites signed up but with us all changing our 404 pages surely we can get a lot more up and rotating.

Finding missing children is a worth while action and surely everyone can spend 5 minutes to sign up and change/add the code.

Author: webconce

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