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Adding an extra layer of security for Web Browsers

Every precaution must be used nowadays to prevent usernames and passwords being stolen through keyloggers and passed onto unscrupulous cybercriminals. Having a very good Malware/Virus killer helps, but sometimes even they don’t detect everything.

This is where QFX software’s Keyscrambler comes in. KeyScrambler is an anti-keylogging program that encrypts user keystrokes at the keyboard driver level, before being passed onto the browser and it defeats all known and unknown keyloggers. KeyScrambler uses both standard Blowfish 128-bit symmetric-key encryption and RSA 1024-bit asymmetric-key encryption, which makes any inputted keystrokes in the browser indecipherable (see image below).

Keyscrambler comes in 3 flavours:

KeyScrambler Premium – protects Windows logon and everything you type in 200+ browsers and apps against keylogging and costs $44.99.

KeyScrambler Professional – protects everything you type in 140+ browsers and apps against keylogging and costs $29.99.

KeyScrambler Personal – protects everything you type in Internet Explorer and Firefox against keylogging and its FREE.


KeyScrambler supports: Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit) and you will need a 300 MHz or Faster CPU, with 5 MB disk space.

Author: Stuart

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