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Ever wanted to produce your own TV show; streamed across the Internet – welcome to Wirecast

Have you ever wanted to produce and star in your own TV program?

On the Internet there are a number of sites out there that will allow you to create your own live stream show for people to view; most if not all of these sites will allow you to use free software to do this. However, wouldn’t it be better to have 1 piece of software that can do this as well as take input from multiple cameras?

Also, wouldn’t it be good if that same piece of software could also record your show so  you can put it up on YouTube after the live stream ends? Well there just so happens to be such a software product and check out my review of Wirecast below.

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The XBox One; will you go and buy it

When consoles first came out I was a fan. Well, if we go back to my beginnings it was on a TV console game (Pong and the like) back in the late 70’s I believe it was.

I progressed from that to an Atari 2600 which gave myself and my brother hours of fun. Pacman, Combat, Space Invaders just to name a few. When one game finished it was round to a mates to swap and let..

Following that though I moved on to a ZX81 and Commodore C64 which I loved and again had many many games. I didn’t venture back into consoles until the Sega Mastersystem which again was fantastic for its time BUT.. I found limiting compaired to a computer on which you can do more.

So, after the Mastersystem I went back into computers going through Atari ST, Amiga’s and into PC’s. I let many consoles pass me by until a number of years ago.

Just before the Xbox 360 came out I bought an older second hand Xbox and a PS2. I enjoyed the games still, playing less than on the computer but like the joypad for things like racing games.

I liked but not enough to get a Xbox360. That said though; a couple of years ago I finally decided to go for an Xbox 360 prompted by the Kinect. Now; again I don’t play enough myself but its great fun.

So; history aside and moving up to date we have now seen the Xbox One anounced. Will I get one? Certainly not on release. In fact, if my previous history carries forward it will be a few years till I move forward. Is the XBox 360 obsolite? Well no; I can still get old XBox games. 

Personally I don’t believe is running out and jumping on the bandwagon straight away. However, if nobody did that the the console/technology would die before starting so I do thank those that do. However, remember that your old tech still works and if you don’t play do a hand me down to someone that would?Microsoft Confirms That The Xbox One Will Come With An Incredibly

http://techcrunch.comTue, 21 May 2013 18:01:21 GMT

The Xbox One was just unveiled at Microsoft’s Redmond campus and, true to multiple reports that circulated before the official reveal, the new console wi..

Xbox One Unveil Video

Introducing Xbox One, the all-in-one entertainment system. This is the unveil video for the Xbox One, showcasing the console, the new Kinect sensor and the …

I’m sure your not here to hear me going on and on about my history though so I thought I would add some articles about the XBox one for you to go and read :

Here’s Your New Xbox One: Microsoft’s All-In-One Home

http://techcrunch.comTue, 21 May 2013 17:10:16 GMT

Microsoft has revealed its new Xbox, the successor to the Xbox 360. It’s a next-generation console, with plenty of power under the hood, but it’s al..

Xbox One: mini FAQ | Technology | – The Guardian, 21 May 2013 19:13:56 GMT

Keith Stuart: A speedy look at some of those unglamorous questions gamers may have about Microsoft’s new console, from always online requirements to pre-owned games and Gamerscores.

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Google Glass- looks amazing but there are mixed cmments

I’ve been seeing lots of posts and news stories of late about Google Glass; latest one was about not allowing adverts. Now incase you wanted to goto the source and check out details on google class then please goto this link

There are some nice videos on there of people using Google Glass in every day use and I can honestly say that it looks outstanding. Video recording, pictures, video conf, sat nav, just to list a few things they show in the videos.

Truly amazing if it does what they say.. but here are some more items you may want to check out also.Google Glass not for children, may cause ‘eye strain,’ reads warning

http://www.nbcnews.comWed, 17 Apr 2013 18:05:10 GMT

On a help page for its futuristic Glass headgear, Google is warning potential users that it may cause eye strain or a headache, and recommen…

Here Are Google Glass‘ Tech Specs – Gizmodo

http://gizmodo.comTue, 16 Apr 2013 03:28:40 GMT

Google just released the official specs for Google Glass (after releasing the API too) and the futuristic frames come with 16GB (only 12GB will be usable) Flash memory, 5 megapixel camera for stills, 720p video recording,

First Google Glass Devices Are Coming Off The Production Line

http://techcrunch.comMon, 15 Apr 2013 23:39:44 GMT

Google just notified everybody on the Google Glass waiting list that it is “seeing the first few devices come off the production line right now.” Google says it wants to start shipping the devices as soon as possible and doesn’t

At the moment we seen a mixed view but hopefully when it comes out we will have something remarkable where we can blog, video and share more…

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DUBTurbo – An actual honest review, 2/10 and why

I was looking for some affiliate products to promote and saw DubTurbo being quite a high marketed item and so thought, why not check it out.

Now, before I get into giving my honst opinion, if your here by mistake and want to check out the sales page then you can use the following link : DubTurbo Link

OK, so onto my honest, and I mean honest opinion. I saw MANY so called reviews on this product; not sure how many if any had actually ran this program. How many were telling the truth?

Well at least one review I found did which I will list below :

Dubturbo Review: 4 Reasons Why I DON’T MakeBeats101


Why is it almost impossible to find an honest review of Dubturbo or Sonic Producer that doesn’t end up trying to convince you to buy it? Discover why here.

OK, so that review does taint it a little and I have to be totally fair in that its not completely useless. You can create music/beats with this product if you really wanted to. It is also a cheap product at around $40.

I actually played around with this product; I got a review copy; and I could create beats and tune using the default instruments. That said, the product is VERY basic so don’t be expecting to be able to do anything other than drag and drop. Even the menu’s are from the 1990’s, no dropdowns?

This brings me to another issue with this item. How the hell do you pull in VST’s? With the review copy there was even the VST pack and I could not figure out how to include it, how to change the location of the VST directory it maybe looking at? Nothing?

This is why I say you can drag and drop and create a beat easily with default instruments but god help you for pulling in VST’s. I actually gave up?

There are a few products I would certainly recommend which are quite similar BUT have far more functionallity and are only slightly more expensive.

The first is Magix Music Maker (latest being 2013). This allows you to do drag and drop BUT has far more functionality. OK, its probably double the price but its worth it.

Second one is Reaper. If you looking for a DAW then Reaper is a great product and is an actually PROPER DAW.

But again, to be fair DubTurbo is cheap, you can do beats in it but if I were to rate out of 10 I would give it a 2.

If you want to take a look at DubTurbo then please use this like : DubTurbo Link

If you want to take a look at Magix Music then please use this link : Magix Music Link

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Its random what videos of yours gets watched on YouTube

It has always amazed me what videos become popular on YouTube and what don't. For example; I've posted lots of technology and software review videos on youtube and its the unlikely ones that do well..

Products by Magix for example do well, although not all of them. They have left reviews of products such as Reason 6 well beind,at the moment my Magix Music 2013 review my second highest viewed video per week.

There are many other videos I have done and some do quite well and others don't. I would have to say that those doing well tend to be products that cost under $100 (or one hundred UK pounds). If you want to check out some of them then goto my youtube

I would have to say though that my most popular video is one I put kind of as a blog. I started to learn to play the keyboard and so put up a video. This video is my most viewed video with currently over 123k views.


Learning to play Keyboard – First stages

For those interested, I found an excellent learn to play the keyboard course I am starting afresh after sometime away (broken finger) I was looking for a good cheap course.. As a new years resolution I decided to learn the keyboard. Bought a c…

This comes up second in the search history for learn to play the keyboard. I did do one after 2 weeks which is wth in the search history 



Learning To play the Keyboard – Two weeks in

For those interested, I found an excellent learn to play the keyboard course I am starting afresh after sometime away (broken finger) I was looking for a good cheap course.. So, just to show progression. This is 2 weeks into me learning to pla…



I continued to learn through that year and was getting good, almost time for a 3rd video. Then while playing five a side I had a finger broke so was unable to play.

Anyhow, I have seen an excellent keyboard course I am going to try incase your wandering at this point.

But, its just funny what videos make an impression when it comes you YouTube..

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CurationSoft – Help you to post better content to your blogs

I love providing content on this site, giving technology news and info out to people is what I have done for years in word via mouth form. I even tried to do with video which was fun, even if not watched too much.

Of course, keeping up with todays news is impossible for a 1 or 2 person team; especially with busy schedules like day to day work etc. So, to help me along a little I recently bought CurationSoft which basically is a piece of software that allows you to construct a post and include links to subject matter that your post is about.

Just to clarify; you simply do a search for you subject; you can set the source to things like Google Blogs, YouTube, etc and it comes back with a list. You then simply drag and drop into your post to produce the following type of links and info :

the lone home ranger: how to build your blog readership


One of the greatest tips I’ve learned about writing is that the best way to get over writer’s block is to write every day. In that spirit, I’m planning to blog every day in March! I have a few recipes, some ideas that have been

As you can see above, it copies in a link to the post/info and then a little snippet. You can pull in a number of these to give you bigger better posts. On posting you can schedule the posts all from the software so y ou could quick produce 7 post for the week. Very quick, very easy and looks great if you build up.

So, YouTube videos; how about a demo of the product ?


CurationSoft Demo Video What is CurationSoft and how does it work?

Or bit more info?


CurationSoft 2.0 – The Postbuilder Update – The latest 2.0 version of CS is ready to go. It is a huge update with a fully fledged inbuilt post builder.

If I were making a video you would see just how quick and easy it is to do; well you can see from the above videos :-)

Best thing is; its desktop software and not a theme so you can publish to lots of blogs. Its also cheaper than a lot of themes out there…

Truely a bargain that will help me improve my posts. So, if you like the sound of it and want to know more check out and click the button below to go to their website…



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Getting paid for doing surveys? Get Cash For Surveys…

I was wandering round the web, as you do, looking for potential money ideas and I came across .online money Now, I have not tried this site yet (bit late now) but if true it certainly offers more than the usual site I goto. Normally you get minor vouchers or something but this site certainly offers big amounts? Go and  check the site out yourself if wandering, I linked to it so you can get over with just one click, here’s link again . If you try this leave a truthful comment so we can all grasp some cash if good.

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Is the Genesis WordPress theme for you

Genesis Theme/Framework was the first WordPress framework (not theme) that I saw and tried. I did a review on this a little while ago; this blog was created for that review as it goes :


Genesis WordPress Framework Review

There are many WordPress themes out there, some premium, some free. There are also a few Superthemes or Frameworks that sit on top of WordPress and offer extra layout functionality. StudioPress offer one of the better know and widely used frameworks …

Over time I have had opportunity to play with this theme to further my understanding and have the conclusion that Genesis is a great framework to use although to get the best out of it you need to do some CSS and code yourself.

There are many child themes available for Genesis; you can buy one or the complete bundle plus those that are not out yet. You can even get a basic theme that you can use as a template to design your own.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out the following articles :


The Genesis Framework Is the Only WordPress Theme You Need


I’ve been using the Genesis framework since its inception in February, 2010. I stopped using other WordPress themes entirely in mid-2011.


Why a Genesis and Thesis Comparison is Still No Comparison


Even if you’re not a theme developer yourself, if you’ve attended a WordCamp, visited a WordPress Meetup, or hung out with WordPress folks, you’ll have heard of starter themes, frameworks and child themes. These are the


Its also great for SEO :


Best Seo WordPress Themes | Themes Tube


A great premium SEO wordpress theme using the Genesis framework. Genesis framework is well optimized by SEO specialist and it provides a layer of security to ensure your website is safe. It comes with 6 default layers and huge selection of

There are many other articles out there on Genesis Theme; some positive and some negative. You need to make up your mind what is right for you and hopefully the above articles give you a little more info.

This blog is running using Genesis and one of its child themes with very little customization apart from widgets. There are even new widgets out for Genesis allowing you to create custom hook boxes so no need to code those any more.

If after reading these you are interested in getting Genesis Framework or just reading a bit more on their site then please click our affiliate link : StudioPress Themes for WordPress

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BBC News – Shorter .uk web address idea shelved by Nominet

BBC News – Shorter .uk web address idea shelved by Nominet.

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