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The BBC to drop Adobe Flash

The BBC have been using the Flash player for their Android version of iPlayer. With newer streaming software available and HTML5 flash has been used decreasingly. Apple are quite forward voicing their opinions on Flash having not used in on their iPhone and iPad devices at all.

The BBC made this decision after Adobe’s strategic decision to remove support for the Flash Player plug-in .

The BBC are to release a new version of iPlayer on Android phones and tablets and has already started using this in the mobile view on the iPlayer website.

“We want people to have the best experience possible when they’re watching BBC TV programmes or listening to BBC radio programmes. This means, amongst other things, making them available on as many devices as is practical,” said Chris Yanda, executive product manager at BBC Future Media.

He also said that the decision to go with a “separate application” was down to the “fast-changing environment” of mobile development.

They are constantly making changes and tweaks it was reported so look out for this new player soon. It should offer a more secure connection, hopefully, as many flash applications are found to have major bugs in them.

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