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Black Mesa mod released!!

Good news Half-Life fans, the remake has finally been released after 8 years in development. The 3.8 gig mod recreates the original Half-Life game in the Source engine and it is entirely free!!! The Singleplayer mod has a playing time of around eight hours, but it misses out the later Xen stage of the game and the developers plan to release it at a later date. All that is required to run the game, is that you have the Source SDK installed.

So after many, many delays and much anticipation, you can finally download Black Mesa HERE or if you prefer, you can wait a little while and download from Steam.

Update 3: Image gallery of the first 30 minutes of Black Mesa (click screenshot below to view)

Update 2: The site is now accessible, but you will have to give it quite a few attempts!

Update: The site is currently buckling under pressure, we will update you when its back  up.

Author: Stuart

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