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Feature: Assassin’s Creed Origins’ creative director: ‘We are much less hand-holding than before.’

Assassin's Creed Origins October Screenshots

If there’s one thing that seems to represent the core of the changes in Assassin’s Creed Origins, it’s the combat. ‘We really wanted players to feel fully free with AC origins, that’s one of the key things that we worked a lot on,’ explained Jean Guesdon, when I asked about the potentially daunting size of the new game. Guesdon is creative director on Origins, and has been on the AC series since the very first game came out almost ten years ago. ‘To make the game more dynamic, more fluid, and more free for players so they can express themselves. And their final experience, they really own it. So we are much less hand-holding than before.’

And the go-to example is, of course, the combat, which requires much more active participation on your part this time: choosing weapons, deciding whether to block or dodge, and actually having to pay attention to your enemy’s hit box are all requirements. ‘This is to provide players with freedom to express themselves and choose the type of weapons they want, how they want to upgrade, which abilities and play style they want to embrace,’ Guesdon said.

The team felt that they’d achieved everything they could with the previous, long established fighting systems in the Assassin’s Creed series, so redoing the whole system was a priority for them. ‘We wanted you to feel the fight is not trivial and does matter,’ said Guesdon, acknowledging that one of the side effects of this is pushing the stealth, because to get strong enough to face physical challenges head on, the player has to choose that route when they level up, while others might prefer to pursue being a sneaky assassin.’In that regard we’re answering the directions we gave ourselves to provide options for the different kinds of players that will play Origins.’

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