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Feature: Destiny 2’s Cayde-6 isn’t hilarious or annoying, he’s just very sad

Cayde-6 Feature

This article contains spoilers about Cayde-6’s past, FYI.

There is an astounding number of Cayde-6 RP Twitter accounts, all jostling for space with handles like @RealCaydeSix and @Hunter_Vanguard (@Cayde6 was taken in 2014, but doesn’t have any tweets). Some of the bios say stuff like ‘experienced RP’ or ‘semi-detailed RP’ and mark when they’re in or out of character with speech marks. Most of them gave up in early 2016; some still use the account for regular stuff, so Cayde-6 retweets a lot of competitions and cute girls’ selfies. Most of the accounts, whether or not they’re still active, riff heavily on noodles, playing poker, and repetitions of ‘Take me with you!’ This last one is based on a throwaway bit of Cayde’s dialogue that could trigger when you closed Cayde’s trading screen in Destiny.

He whispers, ‘Hey! Take me with you. I hate this job.’

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