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Feature: Ed Boon almost doesn't think of Injustice 2 as a fighting game

Injustice 2 Batman Superman

On the evening I got to speak with him, Ed Boon was a man in demand. Mortal Kombat is a game series that’s managed to punch through to mainstream public consciousness. Its beloved Fatality! moves are quite possibly one of the reasons your mum thinks video games are all horribly violent, and, as one of the original creators of MK, when he’s in a room full of game fans a few heads will turn. ‘Over there, oh my god don’t just look around like that!’

The London launch of Injustice 2, Boon’s latest game at NetherRealm, was celebrated with a mini eSports tournament. The twin brothers and professional eSports casters Ketchup and Mustard were providing commentary; every third person was streaming to Twitch; ice statues of Batman and Superman melted, ever so gently, as time wore on. It was all quite dramatically staged, but then so is Injustice 2, which has the most ambitiously movie-like single player campaign of any fighting game yet. This is not, of course, an accident.

‘Every time,’ said Boon. ‘Every game we do we want to make it more of a cinematic, movie-feeling type of thing. And we also want to make the transition in and out of the fight as smooth as possible, to make it feel like it’s part of the story. That’s something that we’ve been always trying to perfect with every game.’

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