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Feature: How Uncharted: The Lost Legacy broke a promise it made to me

The Lost Legacy review screens

Spoiler warning. This article is about a specific thing in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and that thing is unfortunately also a spoiler. This spoiler gets discussed a lot and if you read this you will know the spoiler, and cannot unknow it.

Video games have not, classically, had as many female protagonists as male ones (though there have been a number of excellent ones recently). This hasn’t stopped me from loving games, but I do relate to male protagonists differently, because they seem a little more removed from me. I don’t dislike them, it’s just a bit harder to push through the membrane of the screen and refer to them as I, as in ‘I just died.’ Looked at from another point of view: I respond to a male protagonist on a baseline, but a female protagonist has potential access to a different well of affection in me. 

For example, when I was asked what I thought of the 2016 Ghostbusters, I just ended up doing an impression of Kate McKinnon’s character busting ghosts in slow motion, and when I went to see Wonder Woman I burst into silent, involuntary tears in the cinema whenever the Amazons did anything cool. Still waters run particularly deep if they’re not drawn that often. I don’t think it blinds me to flaws (that clip of Kate McKinnon has some of the editing problems that the whole film does, for example) but it’s something I’m aware of.

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