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Feature: LawBreakers fans on why you should play it, and what went wrong

LawBreakers newer screens

Something I’ve been watching with great interest is the progress of LawBreakers or, to be more accurate, the lack of progress of LawBreakers, Cliff Bleszinski’s latest. The launch numbers for it were low, beaten even by the numbers for Battleborn, the new industry go-to comparison for low numbers. Yet, at the same time, it doesn’t appear to be a bad game. The review scores weren’t bad, and the people who like LawBreakers do really like it. So I have gone to them, the Lawbreakers fans, to ask why they love it, and what has held the numbers back. 

I expected them to be a resigned breed, not unlike the people who still play the aforementioned Battleborn, offering a lot of ‘Yeah, I know, but…’ Their points, however, were very salient and they’d come to a lot of the same conclusions independently. They’re also infectiously enthusiastic about the game itself.

The need for speed

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