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Feature: Outreach is a Cold War space sci-fi story with a difference

outreach screens

Outreach is a small game (clocking in at around three hours, depending on how much looking around you do) from a small studio, Pixel Spill, about a lone Russian cosmonaut exploring an empty space station. The kicker is that it’s supposed to be crewed, so where have all the said crew gone? But it’s not quite the same as other space-y games with similar plots that you may have played.

Using a space station as a game setting is cool, because it’s not like you can crack a window and run away when things go a bit wobbly hand gesture; concerned noise at back of throat. Aside from the escape pods, which will have been sabotaged by the time you finally reach them anyway, there’s no way out. It’s just you, the vacuum of space, and the rogue AI, which is growing ever more menacing and will, any moment now, make an attempt to kill you.

Because a lot of people have identified that games on space stations are cool, the plots have gotten a bit tropey over the years, with the last 18 months or so being quite flush with mysteriously abandoned science facilities or colony ships, floating in the twinkling darkness. This is where Outreach is doing something different. Achingly different, horribly different. Refreshingly different. 

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