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Feature: The Banner Saga 3 prepares to come full circle on an epic.

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The Banner Saga is an epic in digital form. Epic as in the noun. Neo-Beowulf: tales of warriors, gods and monsters, global cataclysm, low fantasy but high drama. Cry Ragnarök and let slip the vikings of war! And, as inevitably as the sun must turn black and sink into the sea, or giant wolves swallow gods whole, The Banner Saga 3, the conclusion to this particular epic, has been planned from the start.

Having written out the huge, sweeping story from the start, the team at Stoic wanted to make sure it all got out there, explained producer Zeb West and technical director John Watson. ‘The plan was to have three games, and for each release to kind of fund the next one,’ said Watson (who sports the kind of long hair and impressive sideburns one would expect from a man who makes things that could equally have been games or metal albums feat. vocals by Christopher Lee). ‘So far it’s worked…’

Indeed it has. While The Banner Saga 2 wasn’t crowdfunded, the Kickstarter for The Banner Saga 3 closed with funding that doubled the initial goal of $200,000. It’s won hearts and minds, as all good epics should. But this has some additional responsibility that Stoic, coming from BioWare stock, are mindful of.

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