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Feature: The wonderful weirdness of NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata screenshots

I’ve encountered some articulate game characters in my time, but it’s hard to think of too many robots called Jean-Paul that will quote Sartre-like philosophy at me. Nier: Automata, though, goes further than this, adding in robot-fans of robo-Jean-Paul who are all small “girls” who wanted me, as the protagonist 2B, to give him gifts. He doesn’t care, of course: he’s aloof and full of a floaty vocabulary, filling the screen with his textual existentialism chatter.

Oh and he’s massive, wears a top hat, and lives in a village of intelligent robots. The village is also in a forest right near an amusement park.

Nier: Automata is a fucking weird video game.

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