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Feature: Why do orc captains in Middle-earth: Shadow of War fear their own strengths?

Middle-earth Shadow of War Feral Tribe

The best thing about Middle-earth: Shadow of War, like Shadow of Mordor before it, is the Nemesis System. But because the Nemesis System is so complicated, there are lot of ways for it to wobble off its axis a little bit. This is also entertaining. 

Shadow of War is bigger and more detailed than the first Middle-earth game, so it answers many of the questions I raised in my examinations of Mordor’s imaginary economy. There are more signs of functioning industry in the relevant regions of Mordor: more piles of wooden logs for building structures, a huge mining pit, and unarmored working scrub orcs hacking morosely at things with pickaxes — although there still doesn’t seem to be any breweries producing the numerous jars of explosive mead littering the place. Yet, for as many questions as it answers, it raises more. For example, where does Talion’s army appear from? Even if they’re all mercenary orcs, there’s no sign of them until the time comes for a Fortress assault. They come from almost literally nowhere, only to disband again once the job’s done. Maybe they just all wander about looking for the nearest fight, like lads who find themselves at a loose end after chucking out time on Saturday nights. But the best one is the wobble on the Nemesis System.

One of the important bits of the Nemesis System is generating strengths and weaknesses for the orc captains it throws up. They might be vulnerable to stealth attacks but immune to execution finishers, and so on. Part of the fun of Shadow of War is coming up against an orc with a ludicrous number of immunities and strengths, and figuring out a way to exploit his one weakness. That your best laid plans may often go awry, resulting in you running away and desperately vaulting over low-level grunts because aforesaid orc is enraged and his health is regenerating and he’s got a flamethrower… Well, that just adds to the fun.

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