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We’re a new site as you can see but we have been around in one form or another for some time. For site design I took some time to research what we could do before using the current design/theme/framework.

Along the way I read numerous books/ebooks etc on SEO as having a good knowledge of SEO is the key to a winning (or loosing) site. SEO is a key feature of this used framework which again is why in use…

Anyhow; after gathering all this information I narrowed it down to some key SEO elements I would use as a good simple quick webpage SEO formation. I then used these in a page I was doing which got me on the front page for the specified keywords in around 2 weeks. Some of these steps are common sense, some you may think I do that and then some you may think ‘O yes..’

I then put this information down in a ebook which I put on Amazon for a very cheap price. I am now giving away a copy of this ebook to viewers of our new site. All you need to do is follow the link in the menu above, just put in name and email, click send and download from link that come up.


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