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Free Half-Life fan resurrected game out soon

I don’t often post game release news as its ever changing with release dates etc. However, being a major Half-Life fan I felt I wanted to publish this and help with the advertising of this free download.

This fan updated and expanded version of Half-Life has been in development for about eight years and has improved graphics, better physics, environmental effects and a tweaked story line.

Called Black Messa; this resurrection will be made available as a free download on 14th September.

This fan game uses an updated version of source which brings the improvements in the physics, lighting and allows things like facial expressions.

The Black Mesa project is said to have been started after the release from Valve in 2004 of the updated version of Half-Life using the source engine. Fans though this was an unsatisfactory version and so set about creating a much better one.

Its now been five years since Half-Life 2 Episode 2 and many; including myself; are eager waiting till Half-Life 3. So Black Mesa should hopefully fill the void until then.


Author: webconce

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