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Guild Wars 2 hit by log-in delays on lauch

On a personal note I have loved the GuildWars collection since I played the original Beta. I have all the first GuildWars collection, all in special edition except EON which I believe never had a special edition.

I was looking forward to the release of GW2 but when saw initial release cost I decided to hold back a little (and also because of gaming time I have).I found my decision to be a good one at least for the initial pre-ordered release. The official launch date is today; 28th August; but those who bought the pre-released got early access on 25th August.  Due to the sheer number of people logging on; many faced long delays or/and could not meet up with their friends in this virtual world when trying the new title.Many of these keen players were hit by these long log in delays but many of those that got in had to play in a “staging” area which meant they could not meet up with friends and Guild members. Overall these problems won’t deter me from buying this title; however I think an initial wait period before the purchase will mean these kinks will be worked out by the time some of us will try playing.ea which meant many could not find their friends in game.

Author: webconce

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