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US hacker given jail time for selling access to botnet

A hacker based in the US; Joshua Schichtel; has been jailed for 30 months for selling access to a botnet of consisting of thousands of hijacked home computers.

Joshua rented out access to more than 72,000 PCs that he had taken over using a computer virus to gain access to. Its estimated millions of PCs are enrolled in such networks (botnets); many unknowingly; and they are used to help send out such things as junk email messages.

Schichtel’s customers of his botnet installed their own malicious software onto their PC’s so as to aid their own cybercrime efforts which could include such things as DOS attacks and spam mail sending.

He was given a prison sentence of 30 months plus sentenced to a three year supervised release program that will start after he leaves prison and will tightly supervise his access to computers and the internet.

Author: webconce

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