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Introducing my Dell Mini 9

I recently posted from my holiday about a bit of old technology I bought to use. I was looking for an older laptop so I could create a Linux machine and came across a Dell Mini 9 on eBay. I put down my small bid and when aution had completed I had won, ya.

This came installed with Ubuntu 14.04 (which I may change in the future) which was fine for what I wanted. I believe it also has 1Gb memory and 16Gb of storage space.

I decided that it would be great to take this little machine on holiday with me to give it a good test. My previous holiday; last year; I took a Android Tablet with me which was great; although I found that the wireless on it was a bit hit and miss. I did also take, this year, my Nexus 7 with me which in the end I didn’t use other than once (most of Internet was used from our room on the 6th floor and I found that the WiFi on the Nexus didn’t work too well; as oppose to the Mini which got good WiFi signal) because of the connection.

The Dell Mini 9 was used daily to view YouTube videos, I made a blog or two on it and it was also used for social media such as Facebook. I was suprised really on how useful this little machine was giving great WiFi connection even on the 6th floor and how easy it was to use the small keyboard to make things such as blog posts. Over all its was a very usuable system for doing small tasks such as browsing the web. At such a check price also I had no issue in sticking in the backpack and taking it around.

I often see people in Starbucks and Costas here in the UK with their laptops out; usually MacBooks or similar. I may have to start taking this Mini 9 out just to show people that such older tech is still usable and at such a cheap price (and so portable) it wouldn’t matter if it got lost or damaged.

In conclution, I am very pleased with the Mini 9; its still very usable, portable and solid. I can see it being used for quite some time still.

Author: Sean

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