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The iPhone 5 is released.. even with a problem Map App

Most obvious news story of the day is the release of the new iPhone 5. Yet another iPhone with another number after it (soon to be letters next year if usual format is to be followed).

Apple fans were queuing (some over night) outside of Apple stores to be the first in and to get hold of their new phone. Just as a side note; listening to a reporter talking to some of the queue outside one of the Apple stores in London; one person that was about 9th in line paid someone to queue for them and they turned up this morning. Not answering the question on how much; she did stumble or suggest it in the region of one thousand GB Pounds.

Sales of the new iPhone are seemingly to rocket with many pre-sales made before today; even with the problems they are having with the Map software.

Apple have responded to the criticism of the mapping software saying it will improved; personally I will wait and see as if it doesn’t it is possibly one nail in its coffin for me. I love google maps and to move over to the new iPhone their map software has to be equivalent in accuracy.

Have you bought an iPhone5? If so what do you think of it? Please leave us a comment telling us.

Author: webconce

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