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Keyless vehicles are handy, however can result in a lethal error

It looks as if a standard comfort in a digital age: a automobile that may be powered on and off with the push of a button, slightly than the mechanical turning of a key. However it’s a comfort that may have a lethal impact.

On a summer season morning final yr, Fred Schaub drove his Toyota RAV4 into the storage hooked up to his Florida house and went into the home with the wi-fi key fob, evidently believing the automobile was shut off. Twenty-nine hours later, he was discovered lifeless, overcome with carbon monoxide that flooded his house whereas he slept.

“After 75 years of driving, my father thought that when he took the important thing with him when he left the automobile, the automobile can be off,” stated Schaub’s son Doug.

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Author: Techno Info

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