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Kodak all set to quit the camera film and photo paper business

Kodak have been struggling for a little while and have already stopped making digital cameras to reduce its losses after it filed for bankruptcy protection in January.

At that point I felt it was a shame that Kodak had to do this as my second ever digital camera was a 3Mp Kodak and it took some great images although my Casio 1.3Mp first digital camera certainly had more functionality. But that said; currently my old Kodak is still being used by a nephew to take images and is still taking good images.

Kodak has also been trying to raise funds by selling off a number of its patients but it seems Apple, Google and now a consortium of these two plus a few other companies such as Samsung, LG, HTC, etc are offering a much lower price that Kodak are looking for. Maybe they smell desperation?

In a further move announced by Kodak they have hired the investment bank Lazard to help it sell its Personalized Imaging and Document Imaging business. What this would mean is an end to Kodak making films for still cameras, photo papers and those souvenir photo products you buy when at a theme park (or not buy in many cases).

Kodak was certainly a big brand as I grew up, who can remember that phrase “Kodak moment” and Kodak was the film to buy. It certainly is a shame that they will no longer be producing what they were famous for but all but some professionals now only use digital. Virtually everyone probably has a digital camera now; either as a dedicated camera or built into their phone.

Does anyone else have any fond Kodak moments? If so leave a comment.

Author: webconce

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