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Mac and Linux owners; beware of password sniffing Trojan

Are you a Mac OSX user, Linux user or enjoy Windows? Personally I use all 3 but only really have tight security on my Windows box although I do use a free virus scanner on my Mac.

Many Mac owners and Linux users like myself have not been worried about virus and trojans due to a very limited number being around for these OS but now to be warned; security researchers have descovered a potential dangerous Linux and Mac OS X cross-platform trojan.

Once installed, Wirenet-1 opens a backdoor to a remote server where it logs key presses to capture passwords, sensitive data, etc. It also grabs passwords submitted to Opera, Firefox, Crome and Chromium browsers. Also credentials stored in applications including email clients such as Thunderbird and web suites like SeaMonkey; even Pidgin is at risk.

The malware then attempts to upload any gathered data to a server hosted in the Netherlands.

In the past the only reason there have been limited Virus and Trojan on Mac and Linux systems is because of the limited number of users as compared with Windows. However, with the ever increasing Mac user base I believe this is only the start of many more Mac (and possibly Linux) virus and trojans to come.

Author: webconce

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