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Mass fight at FoxConn halts production at plant

Hi; being one to bring all sorts of tech news this certainly made my top 10 of info to bring. FoxConn which makes a number of things (I’ve had a Foxconn motherboard in the past) including hardware for Apple has halted production at a plant in Northern China after a mass fight broke out.

This involved around 2000 workers and was said to have been started after a “personal dispute” as it was put.

Foxconn said the incident started on Sunday at about 2300 local time (1500 GMT) in a dormitory near the Taiyuan manufacturing facility in Shanxi province and took until around 3am local time for the police to bring it under control. About 40 people were injured and taken to hospital with a number of arrests.

Foxconn has said that it does not appear that the dispute was work-related.

Foxconn as previously been accused of having poor working conditions for its employees especially after a number of suicides last year put the spotlight on their working conditions; although Foxconn has since agreed to reduce hours, protect pay and improve staff representation.

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