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News: A teaser trailer for Tropico 6 may have just leaked

tropico 6 teaser

We hestitate to use the word ‘announced’ because there has been no official confirmation anywhere, from anyone, at any point. But a teaser that’s being claimed as announcing Tropico 6 for 2018 has surfaced on YouTube.

A German version has been uploaded by Gamespilot, whilst an English one has been put up by another YouTuber called Bora Durgut, who appears to be Turkish.

The trailer shows a man at his desk, listening to the radio and using a social media app called Spitter (it has a llama for a logo, which we think is quietly hilarious) to say it’s ‘Time to get back into the game…’ The video ends on a screen that reads ‘RULE AGAIN 2018’. The game will apparently be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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