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News: Absolver kicks off its release with fancy launch trailer

Absolver Screenshots

 Devolver Digital has released the launch trailer for it’s Unreal 4-powered online melee game, Absolver, which is available to buy today on PS4 and PC. 

Absolver was created by ex-Ubisoft developers as an open-world martial arts game, where the player gains abilities according to the kind of mask they wear. Players can equip a dizzying amount of equipment that changes stats and can have drastic effects on a player’s combat efficiency.

Absolver is an online multiplayer action game where players are placed behind the mask of a Prospect. These Prospects remain under control of the Guides, who are the new rulers of the once-great Adal Empire. The Guides test the prospects to see whether they are worthy of joining the elite corp of Absolvers.

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