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News: Activision says that Destiny 2’s digital sales have greatly exceeded that of the original

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Activision and Bungie have announced that Destiny 2 has surpassed (by quite a lot, apparently) the digital sales of the first game during its launch week. This feat has lead to the game becoming the ‘#1 console gaming launch week of the year to date,’ according to Activision’s CEO, Eric Hirshberg. Hirshberg didn’t provide any sales figures to backup his claims, but he did say that the game had also achieved the largest ever day one sales on the PlayStation Store. Not bad at all that.

‘With franchise pre-order records broken, and record day-one performance on PlayStation Store, it’s exciting to see engagement at the highest ever week-one concurrency for the franchise,’ said Hirshberg. ‘Destiny 2 is off to a strong start as the #1 console gaming launch week of the year to date.’ ‘The ‘franchise’, let’s not forget, currently consists of two games.

It’s been a busy old week for Destiny 2. First the game surpassed 1.2 million concurrent players last Saturday, quite a few angry folks couldn’t get online, then the game hit the top of the UK charts for physical copies sold (despite sales being down 60% on the original Destiny). It’s also had to deal with an embarrassing link to the Alt-Right due to an unintentional design decision for one of its pieces of in-game gear, this was followed by the game’s first Raid being soundly beaten in under six hours, and today its famed merchant Xur has ended up in a tree. A lot has happened this week for the newly-released online shooter, so it’s nice to see that it’s capped off its impressive rollercoaster debut with some good news.

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