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News: Attack on Titan 2 will be playable at Paris Games Week

Attack on Titan 2 Screenshots

Koei Tecmo has announced that Attack on Titan 2 will be making its first ever playable demo appearance at Paris Games Week and Lucca Comics & Games, from November 1-5. This will give players the opportunity to try out A.O.T 2’s revamped gameplay, as well as see the new omni-directional mobility gear features in action. If you’re in Paris or Tuscany during these dates then this will be a great chance to have a wee dabble with the game.

A.O.T 2 is a follow-up to the 2016 game Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom, and this sequel retells key moments from the popular Japanese Manga about man-eating giants. The game’s been developed by Omega Force, the folks behind Dynasty Warriors, and it takes the developer’s popular brawl mechanics and expands the battle scale vertically, so instead of fighting thousands of normal sized soldiers, you’re having to go up against sharp-toothed giants, who also happen to be naked.

Koei Tecmo has previously stated that it’ll reveal more information about the game’s release date, narrative details, and additional new mechanics in the coming weeks.

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