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News: Batman: The Enemy Within first episode trailer shows The Riddler and teases The Joker’s return

Batman The Enemy Within - The Enigma

Telltale has released the launch trailer for the first episode of the forthcoming Batman: The Enemy Within. The trailer for the episode, titled The Enigma, doesn’t require you to be the Dark Knight to suss out who the villains are going to be, as it quickly introduces the Riddler, and two other notable characters in Amanda Waller and the Joker.

Batman: The Enemy Within is a new five-part episodic series that continues Telltale’s take on the Bat, and of course Bruce Wayne. ‘The Enigma’ sees Batman/Bruce Wayne having to thwart the threat of The Riddler, who has returned to terrorise Gotham City. With the Joker looming in the background, taking selfies as you do, it’s up to the Batman to don his cowl and take on the evil threat once more.

While the Riddler has a prominent role in the first episode, Telltale has said that the series as a whole will see you crafting your own Joker, so to speak. 

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