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News: Check out the teaser for this cool handmade video game

harold halibut

Some extremely enterprising Germans at Slow Bros. are making a video game entirely by hand, using physical sets and puppets with handmade clothes. Now the game, Harold Halibut, has a hypnotic new teaser trailer, showing off some of the sets and character models the team has made.

Harold Halibut is an adventure game set on a 70s spaceship that’s managed to get stuck underwater on a distant ocean planet. The titular Harold is a janitor and lab assistant on the aforementioned ship, trying to help Professor Mareaux relaunch the ship, because it’s been stuck for hundreds of years. Harold himself was born years after the crash and never knew life on Earth.

You can find out more about the game, and watch making-of videos where the developers sew tiny clothes and make tiny wooden floors, on the website. You can also back the project on Kickstarter, which, for full disclosure, this writer has. Because it looks really cool.

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