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News: CSGOLotto YouTubers TmarTn and Syndicate avoid fine over Valve scam

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Screenshots

A pair of YouTubers have (somehow) managed to avoid fines after being charged by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with directing viewers to their gambling site, CSGOLotto, without disclosing the fact that they owned it. The two privileged young men, Trevor ‘TmarTn’ Martin and Thomas ‘Syndicate’ Cassell, agreed to a deal with the FTC which requires them to report their financial activity to the commission, and they’ll have to disclose any endorsements they enter into going forward.

Agreeing to this deal means the duo don’t need to admit guilt, or pay a fine, but if they were to commit another offence in future they’d be charged more than $40,000 (which is about, £30,000 to us UK folk). Apparently the FTC Act doesn’t allow the commission to hand out civil penalties for the first violation, according to an FTC spokesperson, Mitchell J. Katz, who spoke to Glixel about the case.

Martin and Cassell started CSGOLotto, Inc. and its website in 2015. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, players would be rewarded with collectible items known as a ‘skin’, and these skins could then be traded on the Steam Marketplace, or sold for cash. CSGOLotto allowed players to gamble with skins from the game as if they were casino chips. Martin and Cassell posted videos on YouTube of them ‘winning’ skins through the website and encouraged others to gamble there. They also paid ‘influencers’ large sums of money to promote the site.

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