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News: Early details on Fire Pro Wrestling World on Steam Early Access

Fire Pro Wrestling World screenshot

If you were unaware, cult class Fire Pro Wrestling is making a comeback on PlayStation 4 and on PC via Steam Early Access. The latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu has detailed a few of the early modes and match stipulations that will be available (via Gematsu) to those in front of a computer.

When it comes to match types, you’ll be able to play a number of Japanese wrestlign staples such as the Steel Cage Deathmatch, Electric Current Blast Deathmatch, and the Land Mine Blast Deathmatch. There’s also the more universal Battle Royale in here, as well as one for real-actual graps fans in Mixed Martial Arts Rules. For the puro purists, you can just have a straight-up singles match, too.

Players will be able to play online as well as offline from the get-go, and have access to an Edit Mode, and if the full-release has Steam Workshop integration, imagine what people will be able to do.

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