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News: F1 2017 thrills in first gameplay trailer

F1 2017 Ferrari

Codemasters has revealed the first proper look at gameplay for F1 2017, showcasing the licensed cars and tracks from this season’s Formula One World Championship. The trailer also gives us a recap of the 12 classic cars, pit crews and variable weather conditions that’ll feature in the game when it comes out in August. 

Alongside the thrill of racing both modern and classic F1 cars, the player will now be able to race on the iconic Monaco circuit at night, for the first time ever in the series. In addition to the 20 official circuits from the current F1 season, players will also be able to race around four new short circuits in Britain, Bahrain, the USA and one more track which will be announced soon.

The game’s creative director Lee Mather spoke about the changes to this season cars, saying ‘The 2017 cars present their own unique challenge as they are incredibly fast but wider and heavier than before, therefore we have had to completely rework the physics system to refine the balance between aerodynamics and tyre grip’. The new car changes in 2017 have added weight to the cars, made aerodynamic changes, and improved tyre wear features and car dimensions. This changes how players will need to approach racing lines, choose specific tyre types in different conditions, and how to overtake opponents effectively.

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