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News: F1 2017 trailer gives us our first look at expanded Career Mode

F1 2017 gameplay trailer 3

Codemasters has released the latest gameplay trailer for F1 2017, the official video game for the 2017 FIA Formula One World Championship. The trailer showcases the game’s expanded Career Mode, and new improvements to the games Research and Development upgrades, for those who really love that kind of stuff. 

F1 2017 has a massively-expanded Career Mode that introduces invitational events at key points during the regular F1 season, where the player gets to drive 12 classic F1 cars in in a host of different events, including overtake challenges, pursuit events, and checkpoint and time attack challenges. In addition to these invitationals, the Career Mode has increased the depth with 115 possible R&D upgrades (that’s 4.5 times more than F1 2016 folks), new practice programs and more importance being given to the management and reliability of your car’s engine and gearbox elements. To make it proper realistic and so on.

In addition to the 20 official circuits from the current F1 season, players will be able to race around four new short circuits in Britain, Bahrain, the USA and Japan. Players can also to race around the iconic Monaco circuit at night, just because.

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