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News: Far Cry 5’s audio director thought the game’s music would ‘annoy’ players

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5’s cult, the Project at Eden’s Gate, has its own hymns in the game and audio director Tony Gronick first thought that they’d ‘annoy players enough to want to kill the cult members so they could shut that music up.’

But on the Ubi blog, Gronick added that as recording sessions with the Bobby Shin Nashville Choir progressed, he started to see people willingly switch to the cult radio station in-game to listen to the tracks because of how much they enjoyed them.

While the ambient music of Hope County may have different melodies, the tunes are said to nicely nestle into one another as they’re recorded in the same key, and change tone depending on whether you’re sneaking, in combat, or exploring an area. Each area also has its own genre and musical style: Henbane River’s soundtrack is psychadelic rock-based, while the Whitetail Mountains ‘has a dark, industrial edge,’ for example.

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