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News: Fire Emblem Warriors is getting three DLC expansions and a season pass

Fire Emblem Warriors Screenshots

Nintendo has announced that Fire Emblem Warriors on the Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS will be getting a season pass. This gives players access to all three DLC packs as soon as they’re released, and a bridal costume for Lucina. Each DLC pack will contain new characters, items and weapons. Nintendo has also confirmed that all previous Fire Emblem amiibo will work with the game, unlocking new weapons and items.

The first DLC pack will come out in December, and will bring across content from the Fire Emblem Fates game on the 3DS. This’ll be followed by another DLC pack in February 2018, which features characters and items from the Nintendo DS game, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. The final DLC will feature content taken from the 3DS game Fire Emblem Awakening. More details about exactly what will come with each DLC pack will be revealed in the future. 

Nintendo also confirmed that Fire Emblem Warriors will be compatible with the new Chrom and Tiki amiibo figures, as well as all of the previously released Fire Emblem amiibo. Using the amiibo will grant players weapons or materials when tapped. Up to five compatible amiibo figures can be tapped per day. 

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