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News: Friday the 13th fans found out the dev is working on a new game, and they’re pissed off

Friday the 13th retro Jason

Friday the 13th released in May to a mixed response: fans liked the concept, but were angry at the server issues and bugs they encountered. Now, a user called weirdkid5 has pointed out on the Friday the 13th forums that Dead Alliance, a zombie game launching on August 29, was developed partially by the F13 devs IllFonic. And the fans aren’t happy.

The perception is that while IllFonic has said the focus is on Friday the 13th as recently as April, the developers are in fact neglecting it and diverting energy to other projects like Dead Alliance — despite Friday the 13th still needing performance fixes. The Xbox version is, in fact still awaiting a major patch, which is apparently still being worked on.

Dead Alliance was announced last month, but because IllFonic is one of a few studios involved it seems to have largely escaped the Friday the 13th community’s notice, until now. Check out the thread for four pages (and rising) of discussion. Some call for ‘patience and understanding’, but are currently in the minority. It’s hard to blame the community for their frustration, really.

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