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News: Furi developer ‘would need to secure a good enough frame rate’ to bring the game to Nintendo Switch

Furi Screenshots

Creative director behind 2016’s stylish action offering Furi, Emeric Thoa, has told DualShockers that developer The Game Bakers would ‘love’ to bring the game to Nintendo Switch.

When asked about bringing the multi-platform title to the handheld hybrid, Thoa said ‘we would love to make that happen,’ but added that The Game Bakers ‘would need to secure a good enough frame rate first.’

With the Japanese company’s push to bring indies to the Switch with its Nindies initiative, it wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibility to see the fast-paced, neon-coloured affair appear on the console. However, it sounds like Thoa and co. would be keen to give players the same experience they can get on other platforms with a stable frame rate.

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