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News: Ghost Recon Wildlands is getting a season pass, and free PvP after launch

Tom Clancy's ghost Recon Wildlands Screenshots (04/10/16)

Ubisoft have announced, to surprised gasps from all corners, that Ghost Recon Wildlands will have post-launch content which includes a season pass. 

The pass includes getting two ‘major expansions’ a week early. These are Narco Road and Fallen Ghosts, which respectively involve infiltrating a gang of smugglers and access to new vehicles, and being tracked by ‘ruthless mercenaries’ after your chopper is shot down.

You also get access to the Unidad Conspiracy Missions, where you’ll try and destabilise the bond between the Satan Blanca gang and the government’s Unidad forces, and the Pervuian Connection pack, which is a mission and some gear patches (patches are cosmetic and can be added to your gear, although why, if you’re a covert agent, you’d want a patch signalling affiliation to e.g. your old US military squad is unknown). 

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