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News: Hitman: GOTY Edition brings back Elusive Targets and adds new Patient Zero Campaign

Hitman GOTY Image

IO Interactive has announced that its well-received episodic assassination game, Hitman, will be getting a Game of the Year Edition. This will come with all of the previously released episodes as well as an all new campaign called Patient Zero, which is comprised of four missions set in various locations from the game. The GOTY will also introduce a few new weapons, outfits and heralds the return of the excellent Elusive Targets. 

Patient Zero will feature new dialogue, briefings and audio tracks, along with ‘a few surprises’. The release of the Hitman: GOTY  also sees the reactivation of the excellent Elusive Targets, and just like they were before, expect these to be time-restricted, one-off affairs.

Hitman: GOTY Edition will include the game’s seven locations, all of the bonus missions, Challenge Packs, new Escalation Contracts, a redesigned UI, new lighting and graphical enhancements, and new suits. Players will be able to bump-off a few folks dressed as the serious Striker, a Clown, and a Cowboy. There are also a bunch of new weapons: the Sieger 300 Ghost Sniper Rifle, The Striker Magnum, and a new bat.

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