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News: Kid who plays Kratos’s son in God of War ‘looks like he’s seen things’

God of War (PS4) Screenshots

In a new post on the PlayStation blog, Cory Barlog, the game director on the project, talks about the concept and development of Atreus, Kratos’s son in next year’s God of War. Atreus is played by Sunny Suljic, a real life actual child, who had his face scanned for the part. Barlog says, ‘He looked exactly like I imagined Atreus should look,’ and adds ‘He has these big blue eyes and that look of innocence, but he also looks like he’s seen things.’

We’re not entirely sure what Barlog means there and it’s a bit of a weird thing to say, but fair play, the son of Kratos probably has seen some serious shit. 

The blog post goes on to outline how God of War will deal with two plot points, that of Kratos learning to becoming human, and Atreus learning to become a god. Check out the post at the link above to learn more about their father/son relationship and how it’s been developed.

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