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News: Leaked Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite starting roster cuts some big names

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Screenshots

What is claimed to be the full starting roster for the upcoming Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite has leaked onto NeoGAF. If accurate, it reveals some big names haven’t made the cut for the base roster. 

The X-Men are out on their ear, along with Capcom faves like Wesker and Jill from Resident Evil, C. Viper from Street Fighter, and Phoenix Wright from, um, Phoenix Wright. The Marvel side has been fleshed out with characters like Ant-Man and Gamora, who are recogniseable from the more recent Marvel movies.

The info was shared by Ryce, a user who has been leaking accurate information on the game for some time now. Ryce also posted a list of characters gained and lost from the previous MvC game, for comparison. 

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