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News: Lost Sphear gameplay trailer introduces game world ahead of 2018 release

Lost Sphear screenshots

Square Enix has revealed the first look at gameplay for Lost Sphear, the next RPG from Tokyo RPG Factory, the developers behind I Am Setsuna. Lost Sphear is a tale about discovery, restoring the Lost with the power of Memory and ultimately saving the world.The game has been confirmed for a EU release on January 23, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Players take on the role of Kanata, a young man who wakes from a nightmare to find that his home no longer exists. Kanata has been chosen by destiny to face a devastating phenomenon which is causing towns to disappear, threatening the world’s very existence. Players join up with Kanata’s friends, Lumina, Lock, Van, Sherra and Obaro, as they set out to seek a way to reawaken the power of Memory to restore what has been Lost, and rebuild the world.

The Welcome to the World of Lost Sphear gameplay trailer introduces players to the world of Lost Sphear, as you’d imagine from the name, and showcases the game’s reimagined take on nostalgia-inspired active battle systems that used to be the basis of Japanese RPGs. 

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