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News: Mass Effect: Andromeda hangs onto top spot for second week in a row

Mass Effect Andromeda screenshots 2

Mass Effect: Andromeda has held onto its no. 1 spot in the charts for the second week in a row after becoming EA’s first chart topper since FIFA last year.  The last Mass Effect title to nab two weeks in the top spot was Mass Effect 2, but sales of Andromeda have fallen by 78% from its first week in shops.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands remains strong coming in at second place in as many weeks, while Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 +  2.5 Remix is a new entry at no. 4. 

The much-loved Breath of the Wild stays strong by remaining in the top 10, while Sony’s newest IP, Horizon Zero Dawn, has dropped two places to no. 6.

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