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News: NBA 2K18’s The Prelude demo is out in two days

NBA 2K18 Prelude

2K Sports has released a teaser trailer for the upcoming The Prelude experience demo for NBA 2K18. The Prelude will be available to download from September 8 at 5AM BST for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, giving fans an opportunity to take it to the hole.

This demo will give players a chance to experience the beginning of their player’s journey into The Neighborhood. All progress from The Prelude demo will transfer into the full version of NBA 2K18. The Neighborhood is the new online social hub from NBA 2K18 that brings the popular MyPARK, Pro-Am and MyCareer experiences from the previous NBA 2K series of  games together into one shared world.

The Neighborhood gives players the opportunity to experience the thriving career of a professional within an ever evolving community, or something along those lines. The Prelude demo begins that journey and will grant players the chance to buy new gear, practice their game, and even bump into real-life professional ballers in the game.

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