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News: Overwatch is getting its fourth free weekend

Overwatch screens

Blizzard has announced that its rather popular team-based shooter, Overwatch, is getting another free weekend. From September 22-25 players will be able to download the full game, gaining access to all the heroes, maps and game modes, and blast away to their heart’s content for four days.

This isn’t the first free weekend that Overwatch has had. This is the fourth promotional event so far, with the most recent in May celebrating the game’s first anniversary. Just like all its other free weekends, players will be given access to all of the game’s 25 heroes and 16 maps for use in Quick Play, Custom Games and Arcade modes. 

Players can begin levelling up their heroes, unlocking loot boxes and even diving deep into the customisation aspects of the game. If you enjoy your time and decide to take the plunge, all of your progress will carry over to the full version of the game. 

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