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News: Play The Jackbox Party Pack 4 on nine different platforms with 10k watching

Jackbox Party Pack 4

Jackbox Games has announced The Jackbox Party Pack 4 will launch between October 17 and 20 on a total of nine different platforms.

TJPP4 includes five full games you and a number of friends / family members can play, while 10,000 watch (and potentially get involved) via the audience feature. The Call My Bluff style Fibbage returns once again with Fibbage 3, and a new game mode called Fibbage: Enough About You that sees players guessing facts about one another.

Twist the Internet involves online comments in some way, Monster Seeking Monster is a dating game, Brackateering sees players making wagers on debates of some kind, and Civic Doodle is the obligatory art game. I just want to know more, to be honest. The Jackbox games are consistently some of the best multiplayer games around.

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