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News: PS4 players could have to wait even longer for PUBG

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds screenshots

Mere hours after revealing that Bluehole is in talks with all the major consoles to bring PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to as many people as possible, Bloomberg has info from ‘people familiar with the matter’ that says Microsoft is trying to extend the exclusivity deal it has with the game. 

PUBG has been phenomenally successful in Steam Early Access, and is due to be published by Microsoft on Xbox One and PC by the end of the year. After a bit of back and forth over what the word ‘exclusive’ meant in this context, the consensus now is that it’ll be a timed exclusive for Xbox, coming to PS4 a bit later in 2018. 

If Microsoft is trying to extend this exclusivity, though, it means that PS4 players could have longer to wait if they want to get on the Chicken Dinner train. Microsoft did previously get a timed exclusive on Rise of the Tomb Raider, which came to PC and PS4 almost a full year after the Xbox release. 

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