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News: Rainbow Six Siege 2.1.1 update brings loot boxes, balancing and more

Rainbow Six Siege Hibana Art

Rainbow Six Siege is getting an update today, which lays the groundwork for alpha packs (aka. Loot boxes). Update 2.1.1 will also fix some bugs and tweak the game balance some more. The update will come to PC, PS4 and Xbox One today.

This title update comes as part of Operation Health, the recent season for RB6, which is focused on balancing the game and tweaking issues to ensure the game is in a strong place going forwards. 

So what’s new in this update? Alpha packs are a staggered release which will introduce a loot box system. They’ll include past cosmetics like the black ice skins and also Legendary tier items you can only get from these alpha packs. Everyone will receive a free alpha pack when it’s fully integrated into the game. Which is nice.

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